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Vendor payment details table in sap

Hi All, My client wants a report on payments made to a vendor for a particular period. It was suggested to them to use transaction FBL1N Cleared items and a report layout was created sorted on the basis of check numbers. Is there any other report which can provide these details aprt from FBL1N. Please let us know.

Regards Kamakshi. Hi, Generally, you make 4 types of payments to vendors. Advance for purchases. In this case,if the item is not cleared,it will not appear in FBL1N report. Payments on account.

SAP Vendor Payment Tables

In this case also,it may not appear in your report. Payments against a particular invoice. This will appear in your report. This also may not appear unless it is properly cleared. Some payments may be for purchase of services. Others may be for purchase of products from the same vendor. You can also filter plantwise if required.

This will give a complete picture of the vendor payment. Some name 15k Followers. Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up.

vendor payment details table in sap

Ramkumar Bala. Follow Tech Sign In Page. You might try table PAYR. Jeff Ronan. November 14, AM. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. November 16, AM.SAP Tcodes Vendor.

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Premium Members Only Results. Become a Premium Member to view these results. Start your Free Trial. FI - Financials Scandinavian Countries. Vendor Line Items. FI - Information System. Create Vendor Centrally. FI - Basic Functions. Change Vendor centrally. Clear Vendor.

FI - Financial Accounting. Create Vendor Accounting. LO - Vendor Master. Change Vendor Accounting. Display Vendor centrally. Transfer Vendor Master.

Block Vendor Centrally. Maintain Vendor Evaluation. MM - Vendor Evaluation. MM - Invoice Verification. MM - Inventory Management. MM - Purchasing. SC Stock Monitoring Vendor. Post Vendor Down Payment.

Enter Vendor Invoice. Purchase Orders by Vendor. Clear Vendor Down Payment. Acquisition from purchase w. Create Vendor Purchasing. Process Vendor or Bidder. FI - Financials India.

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Automatic Vendor Maintenance. FI - Travel Expenses.BSIK is open line items.

SAP Vendor Master Tables

Lou is given a detailed way to fulfill your requirement Any manual payment posting you do will not be there in PAYR table. I presume you're wanting the table name because you intend to write your own report over the data?

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Some name 15k Followers. Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up. Hello expert, Can any tell me the name or tcode for the SAP table se16n for vendor payment history?

Thanks, Adeel. Follow Tech Sign In Page. Gary McSorley. July 17, PM. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. Louis Corato. Thanks again. Hi Adeel Lou is given a detailed way to fulfill your requirement July 18, AM. Hi Bose, Thank You for the correction : it was a typo. It is certainly a report I was looking for. Thanks All Sridhar S.

vendor payment details table in sap

Sridhar Shrinivasan. July 18, PM. Hi Adeel, I presume you're wanting the table name because you intend to write your own report over the data? Sign In to Post a Comment.Such information may be general in nature name, address etc. In this post we will discuss the Vendor Master Data maintenance with focus on explaining key concepts and fields in the process. In this case, the vendor that is created may be used in purchasing related transactions Purchase requisition, purchase order and financial related transactions invoicing, vendor payments.

However, if the vendor is created using FK01, it can only be used in FI transactions. In this post, we will use the transaction XK01 to create a vendor master record. Note: You can create a vendor by copying from a reference vendor if this vendor already exists in the selected company code or another company code or create it from scratch.

The same steps are followed, the only difference is that some values are pre-populated when you copy from a reference vendor. Company code: This is the FI structure under which you are creating this vendor. Purchasing Organization: This is the Logistic structure to which the selected company code is assigned to. More than one company may be assigned to a purchasing organization. But a company code cannot be assigned to more than one purchasing organization.

Account Group: Vendors of an organization may be categorized into groups according to, for example its reporting requirements or the nature of the suppliers or any applicable criteria. Note: In our settings we have an account group called foreign vendor and we will be creating our vendor under this group.

The creation of an account group is a configuration matter which will be dealt with in a separate post. Meaning that this information is uniform for this vendor irrespective of which company code you choose to display this Vendor in. Information like name, address, contact details, payment transaction data etc. The fields of the first screen above, which is part of the general data view are self-explanatory and need no detail explanation.

We will just mention that some of the fields example postal code are validated by the system for some countries in terms of say the number of characters to be inputted therein. So if you enter less or more characters than required, the system issues an error message like the one below. If this happens just correct and proceed. Note: That there are key fields that needs to be populated especially if they are required fields as per your system configurationother fields may or may not be populated by you depending on their importance to you.

In the course of our vendor master creation we will endeavor to explain the significance of some key input fields. VAT Registration Number: if this field is enabled in your settings, just input and proceed by pressing enter. This is because this tab has data that are company code independent like the vendor account details bank key, account number etc.

It also has data that are company code dependent. The Alternative Payee is used where for one reason or another, the Vendor you are dealing with requests that payments of invoices from him are made to another payee Alternative Payee. Note, however, that the alternative payee has to be created as a vendor in the system before you can assign it to the main vendor.

It is important to also know that if an alternative payee is inputted in this field, all invoices on the main vendor are paid directly to the alternative payee.

Meaning that each time you are creating a vendor invoice you can put new payment details different from the details of the vendor who sent the invoice. You only reach this screen by clicking on the permitted payee button above.

Note that as in the case of the alternative payee, the permitted payee has to exist in the system before you can assign it here.In this SAP FI tutorial, you will learn how to manage and maintain SAP bank master databank directories, customer bank accounts and vendor bank accounts. As you might know from previous SAP FI tutorials, master data in SAP refers to information that is maintained in the system and used for long time without being changed. For example, banks that are used by your company, your customer or vendors are not maintained each time when the company transacts with a bank but this data is maintained once and reused many times without being changed.

This tutorial will focus on SAP bank master data. SAP ERP system maintains a list of all the banks that are used by your company or customers and vendors of this company. The list of all banks is called bank directory and for each bank used in SAP system there is a corresponding master data record stored in the bank directory.

Before using any bank in the system, you need to create this bank so that it is added to the bank directory. We are going to look into the following topics in more details:. The bank directory contains addresses and general control data of banks.

Each bank that is going to be used needs a master record in the bank directory. Bank master records can be created in the bank directory manually or automatically.

The Main SAP Invoice Table for Accounting Document and Material Document

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create SAP bank master data in the directory manually. These two fields help to identify any bank in the SAP system.

Address data and control data. For example, postal details and bank group. Every bank master record is stored centrally in the bank directory. Now, I am going to illustrate how to manually maintain a new bank in the bank directory.

Alternatively, you can launch the same transaction using the transaction code FI The bank country identifies the country in which the bank is located. The bank key specifies the key under which bank data from a respective country is stored. The bank key in the master data for the bank is then displayed twice, as a bank number and a bank key. Advertisement When you press Enter button, SAP system will take you to the next screen where we enter the address data for the bank including the name of the bank, branch and street address.

SAP system will show a pop-up window where you can enter additional address data like fax number, phone number, postal code and email address. Addition Address Information for Bank Record After populating all the necessary additional data, you should press Enter for the SAP system to confirm if all the necessary data was included and then save SAP bank master data.

After saving the new bank will be added to SAP bank directory. SAP house banks contain bank master data, information for electronic payment transactions, bank accounts for each house bank and general ledger accounts for each bank account. A combination of the house bank ID and an account ID represents the bank account in the general ledger.

We are going to show how create a house bank in SAP.SAP Tables vendor master. Premium Members Only Results. Become a Premium Member to view these results. Start your Free Trial. FI - Financial Accounting. Logistics - Vendor Master. FI - Basic Functions. Maintain vendor master record screen and work fields.

LO - Vendor Master. FI - Localization. General vendor master Record Part 1 Batch Input. Data Batch Input. SD - Basic Functions. CA - Cross-Application Components. Segment for withholding tax types in vendor master. SD - Conditions. CA - Data Retention Tool. General Data in Customer master. Logistics - Customer Master. Logistics - Material Master. Transaction-dependent screen selection for vendor master. FI - Payment Transactions. MM - Inventory Management. Basis - Change Documents.

Accounting: Secondary Index for vendor s. Accounting: Secondary Index for vendor s Cleared Items. MM - Materials Management. Batch Input Struc. Logistics - Plant Master.Automatic Payment Program F is used to do the clear the invoices and post the payments. F is the standard t-code for doing the same. In addition to the above there also forms sent to customers and vendors about the Payments done which are called Remittance Advices and Payment Advices based on the payment method configured.

For payment advices we can use all the three kinds of forms.

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In this document configuration and the calling logics for all the 3 kinds of forms. Use payment medium work bench :. Adobe Forms:. Any Inputs are highly appreciated. I have developed new Program and adobe form for payment advicenow user wants to run that program and adobe form through FS Program. Can you Please tell me where i have to add this program and form to run through FS transaction.

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Can you please share the code details under the adobe form to trigger the payment advice. The last screenshot under adobe form section is not a code oneit got pasted twice the immediate previous screenshot in your blog. Hi Vijay Simha. Can you show me what is the configurations and country.

Thanks for sharing the nice document. But could you please help me once I configure this and run F then what step need to follow and once F successfully run then how payment advice note looks likeā€¦. If you can share this document it wil be a great help for me as well as SCN members.

Could you please tell me, how to configure the form where the payment advice form will be called based on the vendor language. Currently it is picking from the company code language. Thanks for this information. I have only one PDF form developed.

vendor payment details table in sap

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